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The Teachings For Victory, Learning from Nichiren's Writings, Volume 1
The Teachings For Victory, Learning from Nichiren's Writings, Volume 1

By Daisaku Ikeda , 2015

Nichiren Daishonin’s writings are a compilation of teachings for victory. They are the driving force for all success—be it winning in life and society, triumphing over negative karma or defeating devilish functions.
Nichiren Buddhism is a philosophy of inner transformation empowering people to the highest degree, enabling them to develop strength, wisdom and richness of heart. Each word and phrase of Nichiren Daishonin’s writings is infused with the spirit of the Buddha to draw forth people’s inherent potential. Nichiren’s intense, compassionate wish as the Buddha of the Latter Day of the Law is to help his disciples and all people achieve victory in their lives. This wish resonates powerfully through each of his writings.
Nichiren’s writings are a wellspring of everlasting victory, holding the key to success and prosperity for all people. As long as the SGI keeps forging ahead with Nichiren’s words as its foundation, it will continue to develop and thrive forever.
This year, 2009 [when this series started], is the SGI’s Year of Youth and Victory. I am happy to say that I am still enjoying the best of health. For the sake of our young people and our ongoing victory, I will take even more energetic leadership for worldwide kosen-rufu based on Nichiren’s teachings. And I will continue speaking and writing about the essential Buddhist spirit of mentor and disciple for the sake of posterity. Let us study the writings of Nichiren Daishonin, the eternal scripture of the SGI, and further expand our magnificent network of people living with an ever-victorious spirit.

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