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Compassionate Light in Asia with Jin Yong
Compassionate Light in Asia with Jin Yong

By Jin Yong & Daisaku Ikeda , 2013

Jin Yong is the Hong Kong writer leading the field in contemporary Chinese literature. The exchange of opinions between Jin Yong and Daisaku Ikeda leads them up and down many avenues of discussion: Hong Kong’s future after reincorporation with China, their view of life and history, Buddhist philosophy, the role of literature and scripture, the future of Asia and world peace. As the volume published in Beijing was issued by the Peking University Press in honor of the university’s 100th anniversary, China’s "People’s Daily" introduced it as “the dialogue of the century”, the best of Chinese and Japanese culture. Taiwan’s "Central Daily News" praised it as “brimming with the warmth and wisdom of two model philosophers, one Chinese and one Japanese”.

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Language English
Publisher I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd.

PDF: 978 1 78673 002 2
epub: 978 1 78672 002 3

File Size(PDF) 1,474 KB
Pages(PDF) 181 pages
File Size(EPUB) 729 KB

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