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The Heart of the Lotus Sutra
The Heart of the Lotus Sutra

By Daisaku Ikeda , 2013

In The Heart of the Lotus Sutra, you will get a line-by-line explanation of the sutra chapters that, according to Nichiren, embody the essence of the Buddha's lifetime teachings. SGI President Ikeda's down-to-earth and heartwarming lectures bring the ancient text to life and provide you new insights for your life and Buddhist practice.
You will learn not just the literal meaning of the text, but more important, you will discover a "living interpretation", one that will enable you to apply the sutra's message to your daily life. Your practice for self and others will benefit immeasurably from the deeper appreciation for the sutra that you will gain from these lectures.

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Language English
Publisher World Tribune Press


File Size(PDF) 2,946 KB
Pages(PDF) 451 pages
File Size(EPUB) 432 KB

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