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A New Humanism: The University Addresses of Daisaku Ikeda
A New Humanism: The University Addresses of Daisaku Ikeda

By Daisaku Ikeda , 2010

Over the last three decades, Ikeda has given speeches at more than thirty universities, research institutes and academies outside Japan. He has spoken on art, literature and education; the many aspects and dimensions of culture; religion and our time; and, perhaps dearest to his heart, the imperative of peace. These talks have been presented at a wide range of institutions: Harvard University, Moscow State University, the University of Bologna, Peking University, the University of California at Los Angeles, the Brazilian Academy of Letters and L’Institut de France, among others. In all of these speeches, Ikeda reaches out to build bridges of friendship, understanding and communication with people everywhere. He does this not by insisting on his own position but by exploring the legacy that the great thinkers and doers of humanity have left to us, highlighting the beliefs and achievements of other great men and women, and introducing them to his listeners. In this way he has been able not only to connect to audiences across the globe but to expand his listeners’ horizons and encourage them to seek further on their own.

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