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Songs from My Heart
Songs from My Heart

By Daisaku Ikeda , 2012

Daisaku Ikeda, a poet laureate, has produced vast amount of poems. In these poems, readers will find genuine feelings and impressions of the real life of a man “who strives at all times to be an honest human being”. Songs from My Heart is the compilation of Ikeda’s poems in which he expresses reflections and ideas that sprang from his daily whirlwind of activities, in such a straight-forward manner that it can be described as his personal diary. Poems here honor youth, nature and the common people. In one of his poems, he writes:

Young man!
this human shout of joy,
so eloquent, so strong, so beautiful—
in the end and always you must salute it gravely,
for in it alone are the principles, the sole human likeness
of the revolutionary expression which you would fashion”.

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Language English
Publisher Soka Gakkai


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