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Soka Education: A Buddhist Vision for Teachers, Students and Parents
Soka Education: A Buddhist Vision for Teachers, Students and Parents

By Daisaku Ikeda , 2010

In this collection of addresses and proposals, Ikeda brings a fresh perspective from which to view the ultimate purpose of education and its transformative processes. "What our world most requires now,” he writes, “is the kind of education that fosters love for humankind, that develops character—that provides an intellectual basis for the realization of peace and empowers learners to contribute to and improve society." Ikeda is founder of the Soka education system, which includes kindergartens in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Brazil, a complete school system in Japan as well as Soka University in Japan and Soka University of America. His informed inquiry into educational reform spans the genesis of the university in the Middle Ages to the crisis in learning of our contemporary age.

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