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Unlocking the Mysteries of Birth and Death: A Buddhist View of Life
Unlocking the Mysteries of Birth and Death: A Buddhist View of Life

By Daisaku Ikeda , 2003

Buddhism started with Shakyamuni’s realization that birth, aging, sickness and death are universal sufferings of life that all human beings are destined to face. They are considered as factors that lead to our unhappiness and have been abhorred. Buddhism, Nichiren Buddhism in particular, however, teaches that there can be no true happiness or enlightenment without earthly desires. Ikeda delves into each of the four sufferings and offers insight on how these unavoidable sufferings can be transformed into the causes and sources of wisdom and personal fulfillment. Ikeda also offers the concept of the tenth world of Buddhism to shed light on the unlimited potential of human beings and explains the Buddhist perspectives on human consciousness and Nichiren Buddhism.

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